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Millefiori Glass from Murano, Italy

MillefioriThis beautiful glass is created on the island of Murano, which is a part of the city of Venice in Northern Italy. Blending ancient Roman experience with the skills learned from the Byzantine Empire and trade with the Orient, Venice emerged as a prominent glass manufacturing center as early as the 8th century. In 1291 all furnaces used for glassmaking were moved from Venice to Murano to avoid the risk of fire spreading in the larger city. Murano glassmaking evolved into an art form where Venetian artisans had no equals. Today Murano glass masters contiMillefiorinue to create the most artistically valued and sought-after glassware in the world using centuries-old glassmaking techniques passed down through the generations.

Millefiori (thousand flowers) glass is created by fusing together glass rods of different sizes and colors and then cutting those to form patterns.