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Handpainted Pewter from Germany

Europa offers handpainted pewter ornaments and collectibles from two German manufacturers, Wilhelm Schweizer and Kuehn.

Bambi and FriendsThe pewter tradition dates back to the 9th century in the heart of Bavaria’s romantic countryside, where two important trade routes joined, spurring the cultural development of the region. Pewter amulets, ornaments, religious pictures, and jewelry became popular.

Reindeer with Gifts

Wilhelm Schweizer has carried on the tradition, handcasting and handpainting pewter since 1796, first as toys for children. Each item is cast individually from a mold carefully engraved in a slab of slate, and then each piece is painted by hand.

Angel with AnimalsLocated in the same region south of Augsburg, Kuehn has been handcrafting pewter ornaments since 1960. Kuehn ornaments are also handcast and handpainted.Santa in Sleigh